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Having grown up firstly in the hills, and then on the coast of Kent, I quickly developed a love and appreciation of nature, often going hill walking with my family.

I spent my formative years exploring woods and marshes, meadows and rock pools. Having a questioning, scientific mind, I soon started to learn what I could about the countryside firstly from books and then from those I met in the great outdoors.

Whilst at school I was asked to become a Junior Warden on a local nature reserve and so furthered my love and knowledge of the wild places under my care.

I was responsible for discovering one of the largest colonies of Lizard Orchids in this country.


Also whilst at school I joined the school cadet force and developed a keen interest in outdoor pursuits – climbing, canoeing, archery, and especially camping and teaching junior cadets.

I continued my love of the outdoors and continued to learn from those active in the woods and mountains of Great Britain, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Northeast America and even the deserts of the Sahara.


My specialities include plantlore, shelter building, wild fishing and wild cooking but I am conversant with many aspects of the world of Bushcraft having been an instructor for 3 bushcraft schools.


On here you will find notes on choosing, using and caring for all sorts of equipment, survival topics and many more, from my knowledge gained over the past 40 years.

·  Survival

·  Gear

·  Sharps

·  Fire

·  Food

·  Navigation

·  Natural Weather Forecasting


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